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AZMA INTERNATIONAL | A Company comprising a team of versatile professionals having years of experience in the field of Manpower recruitment was incorporated to effectively meet the growing demands for potentially qualified Professional Management Indian Human resources like Engineers, Technicians, Operators and Highly skilled, Semi-skilled and Unskilled categories of personnel for various projects awarded to Clients in the Gulf for their esteemed on projects such as High-rise buildings, Roads, Highways, Factories, Bridges and Tunnels, Airports, Luxury Hotels, Jetties, Power Stations, Engineering Plants, Water Treatment & Desalination Projects, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants and above all Oil/Gas Projects.


Address: H. No 3, Garage Area, Qabristan Road, Dhatkidih, Jamshedpur


Phone: 6201781325

Registration No.: B-1951/JKH/PER/100/5/10045/2022

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