Oman job vacancy | Want for Overhead Lineman

Oman job vacancy |

Oman job vacancy | Urgent requirements for Overhead Linemen for a leading Electrical company in Oman.

Job Position: Overhead lineman

Job description

Roles and Responsibilities

Inspection of the XLPE Cable Sealing Ends from 11kV to 400kV voltage levels and report if any abnormalities found.

Inspect and record reading of Silicon Oil gauges of XLPE Cable Sealing Ends.

Repairing of the Silicone oil leak, Oil reservoirs & filling silicone oil for Transformer sealing ends, Outdoor & Indoor sealing ends etc.

Link box pit & delineating posts cleaning & painting during maintenance. Operation of vacuum plants and all types of oil pressure tanks.

Charging oil in Oil-filled cables and tanks.

Cable route patrolling and gauge monitoring/reading.

Inspection and supervision of Third-Party Excavations to ensure that any running works in vicinity of Transmission cables are as per KM regulations and the contractors have the required Kahramaa permits and work is as per approved method of statement.

The patrolling technician shall be required to report on daily basis to Kahramaa supervisor and to the prepare Warning Notices as required with site coordinates, area name, contractor details & site photos. Serious violation to be reported immediately to KM in charge. Missing of route markers and link boxes levels to be reported as well.

Over-sheath repairs on EHV cables.

Cutting, sealing and capping of Oil-filled cables, XLPE cables and spare cables.

Attending to third party damages to cable installations. Repairs to oil leaks in Plump Wipes and Cable glands. Installing repair sleeves on oil-filled cables.

Carries-out all types of repairs to ancillary equipment of EHV installations.

Preparation of cables for oil leak location, installation and removal of freezing sleeves.

Attending the minor repair work of cables & cable basement of Substations.

Responsible for using proper tools and complete the jobs on time. Attending breakdowns and standby duty.

Assist the Engineers for testing & identifying the cables, pinpointing faults including opening of Link boxes, disconnecting & reconnection of links etc.

To attend various site works as required and instructed by KM Engineer

/ Supervisor.

Performs other related duties as needed upon request by the

Desired Candidate Profile


05 Experience

Diploma in Electrical Engineering / Civil Engineering from a recognized

institution / college / university acceptable to Kahramaa or Secondary School certificate with Technical Trade certificate with the ability to read and write English at a secondary level.

Ability to communicate, read and write in English at Secondary School Level.

Minimum 04 years of experience for Diploma holders and 06 years’ experience for Trade certificate holders in installations, operation and maintenance of EHV cables (XLPE and Oil-filled) up to & including 400kV and able to learn, can read and understand instructions, drawings and procedures.

Knowledge of Safety Rules and Regulations.

Ability of identifying the parts and usage of proper tools.

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